Peak Pharm Labs is a cannabinoid sexual health and wellness company with the mission of enhancing intimacy and sexual function.

OTTAWA, ON, Nov. 16, 2021 /CNW/ – Pleasure Peaks and Hybrid Pharm announced today their partnership and creation of Peak Pharm Labs. This new joint venture is dedicated to making sexual health and wellness products through its extensive research and collaboration with various industry-leading healthcare professionals.

The partnership is unique in the growing Canadian cannabis market. A leader in CBD-infused sexual health and intimacy products, Pleasure Peaks brings a deep knowledge of the marketplace and customer needs while Hybrid Pharm offers extensive experience in compounded pharmaceutical product development and clinical treatment modalities. Peak Pharm Labs combines this powerhouse into a new brand that offers customers a highly personalized approach to cannabinoid usage for sexual health and wellness.

Peak Pharm Labs’ first product will be 10|30 THC and 0|50mg CBD-infused suppositories. Product launch date is set for early 2022.

“I’m honoured to work with Hybrid Pharm. With patients, culture and research in mind,” says Antuanette Gomez, founder of Pleasure Peaks. “We couldn’t have picked a better partner to bring an exciting new line of cannabis-based sexual health products to market.”

“Sexual health is just as important as mental or physical health,” says Rahim Dhalla, pharmacist, and owner of Hybrid Pharm. “Current pharmacological treatments continually fail to provide relief and many patients are seeking alternative options. Peak Pharm Labs offers those patients a trusted source for cannabinoid-based products.”

Patients are at the core of the research and development of new products at Peak Pharm Labs. With many women suffering from chronic conditions like endometriosis, provoked vestibulodynia, and dyspareunia, Peak Pharm Labs sees an abundance of opportunities to create life-changing products in the medical cannabis space. CBD-infused suppositories are Pleasure Peaks’ best seller in the United States, and it will be the first company to bring this product to patients in Canada.

“Through her leadership, Antuanette Gomez has brought sexual health to the forefront and solidified a community space for all genders and sexualities to come together to discuss sexual health,” adds Rahim Dhalla. “We are excited for the opportunities that this new partnership in Peak Pharm Labs will bring for Canadians.”


Founded in 2021, Peak Pharm Labs is dedicated to enhancing the sexual health and intimacy of patients throughout Canada. It combines the research initiatives of Hybrid Pharm and Pleasure Peaks in order to create cannabinoid sexual health and wellness products patients need.


Hybrid Pharm empowers its pharmacy patients to have a higher quality of life by providing a higher quality experience. Its Ottawa pharmacy location specializes in providing a multi-modal approach to healthcare through access to medical cannabis, pharmacy and compounding services, and wellness and lifestyle modification programming. Hybrid Pharm’s balanced, hybrid approach to healthcare treats the mind, body and soul by combining the capabilities of a traditional pharmacy with expertise in emerging therapies. Whether patients choose traditional medicines, integrative medicines, or a mix of both, Hybrid Pharm guides them throughout their whole-health journey. Learn more at:, @HybridPharm on Facebook, @Hybrid.Pharm on Instagram and @Hybrid_Pharm on Twitter. 


Pleasure Peaks has been elevating orgasms since 2016 through the re-imagination of traditional intimacy products. CBD-infused intimacy products enhance pleasure and reduce discomfort for better intimacy and sexual health. The CBD-infused product offering includes bath salts, 2-in-1 lube and massage oil, and suppositories. In addition to providing products to help people improve their sexual health, Pleasure Peaks also works to educate the community on sexual health and cannabis by hosting monthly virtual safe spaces with guest speakers. Pleasure Peaks is 100% Black, female, LGTBQ owned and operated. The founder of Pleasure Peaks, Antuanette Gomez, is a Forbes 30 under 30 scholar and international speaker on cannabis and sexual health. Learn more at, @cannalube on Facebook, @pleasure_peaks on Instagram and @PleasurePeaks on Twitter.