About Peak Pharm Labs

Peak Pharm Labs has brought together leaders in sexual health, cannabinoid therapy, and medical research.

Cannabis Science & Research

Founded in 2021, Peak Pharm labs combines the clinical expertise of the pharmacy-led model of Hybrid Pharm, and the vast experience of marketing and community engagement of Pleasure Peaks. Together, Peak Pharm Labs is dedicated to creating cannabinoid-based sexual health and wellness products patients need and deserve. 


Pleasure Peaks

Pleasure Peaks is a cannabinoid sexual health company established in 2015 in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Antuanette Gomez, Forbes 30 under 30 scholar, noted for her cannabinoid sexual health research and activism.

Hybrid Pharm

Hybrid Pharm, established in 2018 in Ottawa, ON, is Canada’s 1st compounding pharmacy specializing in cannabinoid therapy. Hybrid Pharm is known for their expertise and patient-focused pharmacy services, including harm reduction, compounding and emerging therapies.

Antuanette Gomez

Antuanette Gomez

CEO & Co-Founder

Has over 9 years of experience in cannabisand sexual health. Featured Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar.

Rahim Dhalla

Rahim Dhalla, Pharm. D., MBA, RPh

Lead Pharmacist & Co-Founder

Over 10 years experience in retail pharmacy. Member of Medical Cannabis Canada. Published in CPJ, OPA and Pharmacy Practice+Business. Global Expert for Cannabis Education Guild.

Natasha Jacob

Natasha Jacob, RPhT

Medical Product Development

20 years experience in pharmacy and over a decade in comprehensive compound solutions specializing in men’s and women’s health.

Angelo Muscari

Angelo Muscari

Lead Business Development

Expert in the medical cannabis clinic field for over a decade as a nurses aide and physicians assistant. Creator of patient specific white-label cultivars.