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Medical Document

All patients require a medical document to be completed by a healthcare practitioner and faxed/mailed to a licensed producer.



In order to purchase medical cannabis, patients must also register with a licensed producer.


Order Your Products

Once all documents have been received by the selected licensed producer, patients will be able to order online.

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Directions for Health Canada Form
  1. Input quantity authorized (i.e. 1 gram/day)
    • The number of grams per day is an allotment, not a dosing schedule. 1g/day will allow the patient to order up to 30 grams of dried cannabis products OR its equivalent in non-dried forms.
    • 1 box of suppositories = 0.7 grams (therefore a 1g/day prescription would be sufficient for 1 month supply) Average quantity allotment on a medical document = 2 grams/day
  2. Input Period of Use
    • Max timeline allowed is 365 days or 1 year.
    • Average timeline = 90 days